After African American soldiers came back home from fighting World War I, they were greeted with the same oppression they’ve been facing since 1619. The New Negro Movement in the 1920s was born. A cultural revolution where the “New Negro” knew themselves. They wanted to defend the image of Black people against white media and accurately represent the African diaspora. 

80 years later, at the dawn of a new century, my parents joined the military to escape the traps of trauma, lack of education, and poverty that the white man inflicted on them. We ritually worshiped the American flag from dusk to dawn. Every time I placed my black hand over my heart, there was a skip in my heartbeat. I was a living paradox. My parents tried to mold me into what America wanted me to be to get a job by the white man so I could escape their past. But that required muting parts of my expressive black soul from my ancestors. 

Today, I am a generation Z Afro-futurist painter, performance DJ, and video artist interested in healing and liberating myself spiritually as a Black woman from trans
generational trauma through the lens of abstraction, accompanied by my own research on Hoodoo, astronomy, astrology, parapsychology, and intelligent dance music. I view myself as a time/space traveler, an explorer, and a collector. My artwork is crucial for my audience to see how a part of the African diaspora is awakening SPIRITUALLY on a higher frequency in America to help heal the collective consciousness.

My artwork is a reflection of energy and aims to mirror your higher self. I hope to transmit change within you.