Being a Black woman in this lifetime, especially in America, I always felt like I was trapped in a box. This box was filled with limiting ideas of who I am supposed to be in other’s minds because of my skin color and it was also filled with my own historical and generational pain and trauma that I’ve been suffering from for way too long. At one point in my life, I thought this box was my reality...and I believed it. But now, I am at a place where I feel so close to divinity. I have been reminded by the cosmos, universe, and God that I am infinite and divine. That it is safe to be transparent. I am boundless, enormous, and everlasting...I am continuously shape-shifting from place to place, bending time, and curving space. I shed my skin, my muscles, my bones, my organs, and I am left with all of these shapes, lines, and colors...which is the core of who I am in this reality and alternate realities. I define who I am and there is so much power to that. I am...I am free.

Artist Statement