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Ajané K. Williams, aka DJ Nebula is an Afro-futurist painter, performance DJ, and video artist who came to Planet Earth as a guide to show humanity how to find their higher self and travel to the edge of infinity using the power of our own consciousness. Experiencing this lifetime as a generation Z Black woman, she carried the traumatic history of American slavery through her DNA and observed how it not only affected her spiritually but her family lineage too, which manifested into forms of depressive and anxiety disorders, grief, abuse, and fear. 


To liberate and heal thy self so she could heal her family and future generations, she made it her mission to learn how to shed her 3-dimensional body so she could see her true self. The self that isn’t tied down to her trauma or how society has been conditioned to view the Black woman. She realized that not only her ancestors lived through her but the whole universe does. This interconnectedness has shown her the amount of power she holds. The power to create her own reality and define WHO SHE IS. The power to rebirth herself and others. Within, she is an abundance of love. She is your reflection and you reflect her. 


Williams is a space and time traveler that is an embodiment of the fourth dimension, where she has access to the past, present, and future. She uses electronic music to raise the vibrations of those who travel with her so they can heal and find their inner truth. Her abstract paintings symbolize channeled information she gained from the Universe and spiritual/extraterrestrial beings she met along the way about the universal laws of our existence. In her Ascension series, she hopes to show human beings a power within themselves that is capable of changing the old paradigm of Planet Earth. (3).gif
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